The Best Baby Cribs -Convertible

A crib is a baby’s sanctuary. While you are busy with your daily chores, you have to make sure that your little one is comfortable in his crib. This will leave you with peace of mind and secured thoughts. However, comfort should not be everything there is in it. Above everything else, you should also take into consideration the practicality of the item you are about to buy. There are a number of convertible items to choose from but you have to bear in mind the type and kind of crib you are looking for. Experts believe that you will truly value these in the long run of using them. Thus, convertible crib is a good option.

A convertible crib can be used for so many years most especially those of the high quality ones. There are some wooden cribs which are not pre-treated against infestation, and depreciate in value over the years. One good investment is one that will stand the test of time and grows old with your baby. Take note that modern ones passed the standard set by the federal government so it is just wise to choose from the latest models and designs.

There can be converted to a toddler bed. Normally, the size of the bed is around 33″ deep x 59″ wide x 48″ high and can go with a full size bed with dimensions 59″ wide x 81″ long x 48″ high. Most wooden baby cribs are designed for long lasting use.

Sturdy material such as wood is efficient for convertible cribs because of its flexibility and durability. Most manufacturers prefer to use wooden materials in the construction of baby cribs because it leaves the baby secure and comfortable over the years. Even when the baby grows old, he is enjoying the same benefit as having a baby crib with the converted full sized bed.

Although convertible cribs are in demand, the federal government banned the use of drop side cribs because of the rising number of deaths caused by this kind of item. All the while, parents are cautious about choosing the best one that will suit their baby’s needs.

So, in choosing, be wise and make sure you are getting the most out of your money. Convertible baby cribs will give your baby comfort and security no other cribs can. For practical reasons, convertible baby cribs are the ones for keeps.

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How Old Is Too Old When Taking Out A Quick Loan?

What the bank perceives as too old to take out a loan or a mortgage and what you believe that age should be are two different points of view because the decisions are based on contradictory criteria. Unfortunately, it is the banks that get to make the final decision and getting past their base criteria can be troublesome or sometimes, impossible. Turning to a mortgage broker for help can ease your situation.

Age Related Rules
The majority of banks have some simple basic rules. The maximum term for your mortgage is 30 years. The maximum age you can carry a mortgage is 70 years of age. The easiest mathematical quest will tell you that you can’t have a 30 year mortgage after the age of 40. The cheapest monthly payments arrive with a 30 year mortgage term. For every year the term is reduced, your monthly mortgage payments go up – because the loan has to clear in a shorter time frame.

The second rule the banks work from is how much income you have and when will you be able to make your monthly loan or mortgage payments. They don’t want your loan to continue after you retire because they perceive that your income will reduce either partially or significantly. To be fair to the banks, they shouldn’t lend you money for a time in your life when you won’t be able to make repayments. If you consider the bad publicity they would receive coupled with the possible loss of your home because you can’t make payments, you can see their point of view.

Responsible Lending – Seek Home Loans Help
Banks have to lend money responsibly. In the past few years during the recession, they have learnt many lessons about lending money, lending too much and lending to people who might not be able to repay the debt. This was one of the most glaring pieces of education for banks who sometimes lent money to people who didn’t need to prove they could pay, which became the largest area of defaulting loans and mortgages.
You can talk to banks about retiring later and age discrimination, but perhaps arranging for your loan or your mortgage broker to present your case for you will help your situation, if you are convinced you can maintain a loan beyond the standard periods.

Increasing the Pension Age
Between 2017 and 2023 the qualifying age for Age Pension will move up to 67. This might help banks become more flexible with the termination date of a loan or mortgage.

quick loans

If you need to stretch the years beyond the bank’s current rules, you could consider Equity Release. If you are over 63, banks will lend you money based on the equity in your home. You won’t need to make monthly repayments, but interest will be charged and the debt will increase against your property’s value.

If you are worried about how old is too old when taking out a quick loan, ask your mortgage brokers to help you structure the right deal for you.

Features of Online Patient Appointment Scheduling System

This must have happened to many patients that they call to medical office at eleventh hour to schedule an appointment and the first two words they listen are “Hold On!”. Believe it, nothing more frustrating than waiting on the call! You, being health care provider, might have lost many patients that you would never come to know. On the other hand, medical front office staff is busy tackling other tasks and hence, answering two calls at a time is quite impossible. Adding insult to injury, sometimes the front office executives at medical office put down the receiver of the phone for a while making the phone all time busy. If you worry that this would drastically bring down the revenue, be happy, there is a breakthrough.

Online patient appointment scheduler, also known as online patient appointment scheduling system is the best tool available on the market that helps in managing the medical office without any hassles and most importantly without any human assistance! The errors made my human and apathy you find in medical front desk executives are almost de-listed when it comes to 24/7 medical virtual receptionist services.

24/7 Medical Virtual Receptionist
Online doctor appointment scheduler is a kind of 24/7 virtual medical receptionist that serves as patient appointment booking system and does many other tasks. With innumerable people on the Web across the world at in given time, a web-based patient appointment scheduling system is becoming more and more popular.

When you make medical office automated with the help of virtual receptionist, the management seems to be easiest than ever before. The patients can directly log in to the system and book their appointments from anywhere, anytime! This does not require any human assistance and hence, no errors. A prepaid appointment mode helps in reducing the chances of losing the revenue due to no-show cause patients (the patients who booked appointments but then turned late or did not turn at all).

Other Features of Online Doctor Appointment Scheduling System
Other features include patient reminder and medical answering wherein the system automatically calls patients and remind them about their pending visits to the clinic and answers patients’ calls respectively.
Medical answering system is found to be very useful when the human medical front desk staff seems to be incapable in handling a lot of calls from patients during events such as free medical camp. During such events, the health care center is expected to have many calls at a time.

patient schedule

Patient reminder system comes with multilingual option wherein the user can set the system in various languages including English (default), Chinese, Spanish and French. This helps in conveying messages to the foreigners as patients with different mother tongues.

Transportation Management System Logistics: Evaluating Your Options

Research shows that a freight transportation management system can cut the cost of shipping by up to twenty-five percent in the first year, but for many shippers, implementing a system for managing freight transportation can impose financial hardships. Traditionally, such experts perform transportation management – an expense most small and midsize businesses can ill afford (hiring these experts can bring a six-figure payroll increase).

How can shippers manage freight distribution without hiring an expensive team of experts?

Traditionally, the answer has been to outsource to Third Party Logistics (3PL) providers-entities that set shipping arrangements between shippers and carriers. In theory, 3PL is a beneficial arrangement for shippers that do not staff experts because the logistics function is outsourced, and the need to hire experts is eliminated. However, for companies that need or prefer more control of the shipping process, using a 3PL provider can be frustrating.

When they opt for 3PL, shippers relinquish a degree of control over the shipping process. Depending on the quality of the 3PL provider’s logistics resources, the price of the relinquishment can be steep. Good 3PL providers leverage a variety of resources to identify the best carrier arrangements, but many 3PL providers use limited resources -a fact that their customers remain unaware of.

If you use a 3PL provider whose resources are limited, your ability to negotiate the best carrier arrangements is also limited.

Replacing 3PL
If your business needs to save money on transportation management, 3PL is a fair option, but it is not as affordable or empowering as logistics software-a class of applications that perform the logistical calculations traditionally performed by experts. By replacing 3PL with a program that provides this function for a Transportation Management System (TMS), you can resume control of the shipping process and reduce your costs in two ways:

By paying less for the program than you pay for 3PL

By negotiating better carrier arrangements via expanded shipping options
Research shows that TMS software can reduce the cost of freight transport by ten percent in the first year. For many businesses, such a cost savings can be a financial life raft, but receiving it requires a decisive step in a new direction-implementing a TMS application instead of renewing a 3PL contract. When they learn how painless the changeover can be, most shippers are ready to make the switch.

Easy Implementation
TMS applications are designed to support the existing shipping process. Before supplying an application, the provider analyzes a business’s shipping process in depth, creating a program that addresses each need. As the needs change, new options can be added to the existing options, creating a program that evolves with the shipping process.

TMS applications are available on a web-based model or an in-house model. To simplify the implementation process, acquire remote system access, and preserve investment capital, most businesses opt for the former. To learn how TMS software can improve the economy and efficiency of your business’s transportation management system, contact a provider of logistics software today.

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All About Angel Numbers

Angel Numbers 101 is the bestselling book by Doreen Virtues on angel numbers.

angel numbers

What Are Angel Numbers?
The angels are always trying to talk to us and communicate with us, and it just so happens that their primary form of communication is using numbers. If you see a sequence of numbers over and over again, its a good sign that the angels are trying to get your attention.

You may see these numbers on grocery bills, the clock, on telephone numbers, lisence plates, on UPC codes, on price … The possibilities are endless.

The numbers that you continue to see are unique to you, so pay attention! You may even want to write all the numbers that you see throughout the day and count them up.

How Do I Know What 111, 222, 444, angel number 333, 1234 Etc. Mean?
Fortunately for us Doreen Virtue has connected with the angels and written a complete book on the numbers 0-999 and what each and every number means. For numbers that are over 3 digits long, simply combine them for a complete meaning.

For example, if you keep in seeing the number sequence 1234, simply combine the numbers 1 and 234 or 123 and 4 or 12 and 34. You can try different combinations and “feel” what seems right to you.

The angels are always trying to talk to us and communicate with us. All we have to do is listen and pay attention!
769 for example means “Everything is working out well for the fruition of your spiritually based career and life purpose.”

About Angel Numbers 101
Angel Numbers 101 is a small and compact book so you can easily put this book into your purse or satchel and carry it around with you. Many people frequently check their book immediately when they continue to see a sequence of numbers throughout the day.

I personally like to check birthdays, birth years, zip codes, price tags, lisence plates, dates, house numbers, and more.
Once you start noticing your numbers, you will see them everywhere!

Who is Doreen Virtue?
Doreen Virtue is a internationally known and respected communicator with the angels. She has written numerous books on the angels, archangels, indigo children, crystal children, and more including Angel Numbers 101. She teaches courses around the world about angels including Archangels Michael and Raphael.

Winter With The Hammer Whitsundays

Escape the cold of the southern states and head to the Whitsundays this Winter. Whales have been spotted in the area over the past two weeks being the perfect time to go on one of the many day tours operating from Airlie Beach to the islands & reef.

Alternatively for those who prefer to stay on dry land, Cedar Creek Falls are located only 20km from Airlie Beach and offer a year round natural swimming pool at the base of the falls. Follow this by a scenic drive to Bowen where you can view the magnificent murals displaying Bowen’s history, enjoy one of the many bush walks around the bays, wander up Flagstaff Hill to take in the views or just stroll along beautiful sandy beaches.

August is proving to be a very popular month with the Merdian Race Week celebrating it’s 20th year of competition from the 12th – 19th August. More than 90 boats have already been entered in this year’s race week and will be in conjunction with the Fantasea Cracker night to be held on the foreshore on the 13th August. Cracker Night is a great time for families with carnival rides and raffles held.

hammer whitsundays
hammer whitsundays

Every Saturday morning a must do in Airlie Beach is the foreshore markets which operate from 7am – 1pm with many stalls selling locally produced goods where you can pick up a simple memento of your visit to tropical Airlie Beach. For those slightly more adventurous a camel ride on the beach may appeal.

Whitsundays – perfect place to escape this Winter with Hammer Whitsundays.

From Anxiety to Lasting Relief

Anxiety can produce a truly generous variety of symptoms, not only of psychological origin, but physical symptoms such as muscular pain, headaches, and fatigue, among others, are frequently reported as well. Therefore I have created an equally generous list of tips that will help you address these omnipresent symptoms:

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1) Drink water – Drinking a lot of water and mainly substituting sweet drinks with water will help you with a bunch of bodily processes such as clearing you of waste substances or aiding in blood circulation. Drinking water has proven to help reduce the severity of anxiety attacks, many psychologist/psychiatrist will advise you to do so. Dehydration often results in migraines and dizziness, not something that will ameliorate anxiety symptoms. Avoiding sugary drinks prevents possible complications arising from excess carbohydrate consumption such as mood swings.

2) No alcohol or tobacco – Alcohol is a well-known central nervous system depressant, although you may find a short relief it will make your anxiety worse in the long run. The same goes for tobacco and other recreational drugs. Many might seem helpful at first in ameliorating anxiety, but they usually just cover the symptoms like a blanket and let them stack up for later when they will be too overwhelming to handle.

3) Exercise – Exercising daily will help you achieve a better attitude, improve your health and distract you from all the anxious thoughts going through your head. Exercising proved to be as efficient as adding a secondary anti-depressant in depression treatment. Furthermore aerobic exercise promotes neuronal growth and so compensates for the neurotoxicity induced by chronic depression/anxiety due to increased cortisol levels (hypercortisolemia).

4) Occupy yourself – Don’t think about your anxiety, don’t try to analyze every possible trigger of your anxiety and don’t analyze your thoughts all the time, but rather keep yourself occupied with something you like to do. Even if you don’t feel like doing anything try to be forcible with it. Swing in focus will keep you at a safe distance from anxious thoughts and will help you slip into doing something pleasing and productive, which is essential to any recovery.

5) Rest your mind – Meditation allows you to empty your mind and relax your body. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing, give yourself enough rest, because when your rest your mind rests as well. Not only does meditation meliorate many symptoms common to, albeit not limited to, anxiety such as inhibited focus and alertness but it has even proven to elicit physical changes in the brain by facilitating the thickening of gray matter, a brain region associated with intelligence. Meditation is therefore a must try practice.

6) Supplements – Proteins, Minerals, Vitamins and other substances are essential for brain to function properly as they represent the cellular basis. The chances that your anxiety or at least a portion of it can be traced back to a vitamin or mineral deficiency are quite high. Do not underestimate the power of simple supplements such as B-complex as deficiency of this particular abundant vitamin can cause symptoms of mania, psychosis, fatigue, memory impairment, irritability, depression and personality changes.

7) Herbal remedies – There is a large variety of herbs which have the potential to alleviate nervousness and anxiety to a noticeable extent. The major advantages of this approach is that these forms of medication are considered to be relatively safe (mainly because of their dilute potential) and rarely carry a risk of developing dependence since it is all just plant matter and not a potent alkaloid extract or other concentrated derivative intrinsic to prescription medication. Unpleasant side effects are also quite infrequent making them a well-tolerated treatment. I have experimented with a wide range of herbal remedies and in some cases have found them more efficient than actual prescription medication, especially in the long run.

8) Target your source of anxiety – identify the triggers of your anxiety and then take corrective measures to eliminate or avoid them. If you are, for example, scared of being among crowds of people exposure therapy might prove useful. By challenging your anxious triggers repeatedly the frightening response you associated with them gradually dissipates liberating you from the enslavement of anxiety. Nevertheless, use reason to decide for which triggers you should apply exposure therapy and for which aversion is better suited.

If coffee induces anxiety in you, then just avoid it; the concept of exposure therapy would be counterproductive here as the response is mediated via caffeine’s binding to anxiety-generating receptors.

Now you see that having anxiety should not discourage you from having a positive outlook on life, nor should it take your hopes of fully enjoying day-to-day activities away, because there are a plethora of exit routes, of which I only mentioned a fraction. Surely, there will be ups and downs, as in everyone’s life, and surely anxiety can turn those ups into a rarity, but only if you let it to. By believing in recovery and investing some effort along with that belief you can greatly enhance the quality and possibly quantity, being a side effect of healthy living, of your life.

Be sure to check out the best cbd oil for anxiety.

What Makes a Great Design?

The inherent creativity of the human beings is one of the key reasons that we are the dominant species on planet earth and only a modicum of investigation is needed to witness how it simply bursts out of every society with inspiring results, regardless of creed, colour or inherent wealth. Human ingenuity and inventiveness has existed since time immemorial and spearheaded the relatively rapid progress of our species in many diverse and compelling ways.

Our appreciation for creativity is also inherent and no formal training or education is needed to become moved by a certain painting, sculpture or piece of music. These traditionally appreciated forms of creativity are easy to hold aloft as examples of the intellectual heights that we can reach as a species. However, it is important that we offer the same reverence to our engineering achievements and the sensational scientific innovations that have helped shape our evolution with such dramatic effects. The way in which our species has sometimes used these innovations for the exploitation of the masses rather than for making the world a better place for current and future generations is clearly a subject worthy of its own article and will not be expanded upon here.

The seemingly self-perpetuating human creativity continues at a pace in this modern world and our collective ingenuity fuels technological and artistic advances at an astonishing rate. Concepts that would have been considered the stuff of science fiction only a few years ago are now common place and this is indeed an exciting time to be alive.

For the purposes of this article we are going to use the term ‘design’ to define these instances of human creativity. While I acknowledge that asking 1000 people to define what ‘design’ means to them is likely to result in 1000 different answers, I personally like to consider design as the physical manifestation of a piece of human creativity. This means that creativity ranging from art to engineering and possibly even into the field of science can be included and prevents the suffocating effects of self-imposed boundaries that we encounter all too often in the modern design world. I don’t recall Leonardo Da Vinci limiting his field of vision to just painting, or Enzo Ferrari appreciating the Jaguar E Type purely for its mechanical capabilities and in my opinion, neither should we.

Being a designer is at its best a vocation and every designer with this mind-set will set out with the desire to create a truly great design. The result at the end of the day however, can be compromised due to anything from financial constraints, to insufficient research, or even to a lack of vision and very few designs achieve such a lofty position.

So what ingredients are needed to create a great design?
Firstly, the most important ingredient for any great design is innovation and the generation of a solution to a problem or desire that is unique and offers clear advantages over what has gone before. Where would our modern world be for example without Orville and Wilbur Wright, the American inventors and aviation pioneers who developed their flying machine into the world’s first practical fixed-wing aircraft? Isambard Kingdom Brunel is another design hero who demonstrated his belief that propeller-driven ships were the way of the future back in the 19th century by initiating a tug of war between two equally matched ships, one paddle driven and the other propeller. As the propeller driven ship pulled the paddle driven vessel along without mercy, it was clear that Brunel was indeed correct and the propeller era had begun in earnest.

The functionality of a great design must also be paramount, because clearly this is a primary purpose of any design. There is no point in creating a train that can deliver you to your destination in half the normal time if you have been thrown around so much that you spent most of your journey with your head in a sick bag. A great design must enhance our lives making them easier, more fun or even more spiritually rewarding. Look at the way that the Dyson vacuum cleaners overwhelmed the established manufacturers in such a short time – their designs were dramatically more effective at cleaning the floors and customers flocked to them like bees to honey.

Great designs must also exhibit reliability and the build quality that you would expect from such an object. Penny-pinching must not be allowed to destroy the quality and reliability of a design, so that it becomes unable to perform its primary function almost as soon as it is taken out of the box. Obviously, this is subjective to each design and must be judged accordingly. For example, one catastrophic failure of something such as a Rolls Royce turbine aero engine would be one too many.

As a species, we have an innate appreciation for things of beauty and any truly great design must in my opinion, also be able to make our eyes dilate as we appreciate the intrinsic good looks. The pleasing aesthetics must not be at the expense of functionality or practicality and many great designs are stunning examples of aesthetic form following function. It has often been commented for example, that the most successful Formula 1 racing cars are also frequently the most attractive. Look at Norman Foster’s stunning bridge the Viaduc de Millau and it is evident that the world’s highest bridge is also one of the most beautiful.

There is of course no point in creating a sensational design if it unaffordable and while customers are willing to pay a premium for the best, the designer must make their designs accessible to the intended market. History is littered with excellent designs that were just too expensive for their chosen market. The small family (all aluminium) Audi A2 car for example was a wonderfully progressive design that ticked many of the boxes to be a great design but fell at the last fence due to price, costing as much as a fully loaded Golf GTI. Its design influence will be felt in an impressive new generation of eco friendly Audis but the original A2 itself did not sell in anything like the numbers that had been hoped because of the high price tag.

In a modern world that appears to be increasingly concerned with the consumption and brazen display of brands, it is important to understand that these imperious brands have been forged from the creation of great designs and not the other way round. A strong brand offers the favourable ability to deliver a design to the correct market niche, usually at an acceptable price and with varying degrees of good-will from the customer. A great design will take on board the historical context and company values and ethos, but must also be able to stand on its own without the need to excuse or compromise due to the associated brand.

Great designs are born when a fresh spark of human ingenuity and inventiveness encapsulates a new and significantly superior solution to the needs of the time. Taking on board the awareness of this systemic human creativity I believe that it is fair to say that ‘Anyone can be a great designer.’ This doesn’t mean that ‘Everyone can be a great designer’, but instead means that a great designer can come from anywhere, from any social structure and at any time. The only limiting factor for the arrival of potential great designers of the future is the availability of education and enabling their inherent talent to meet opportunities for it to flourish.
Here are just a few examples that I consider to be great designs, in no particular order:

Jaguar E-Type – by Malcolm Sayer
Innovations abound on this British design masterclass, with performance that at the time must have seemed like rocket speed but cost little more than a pint of milk. Possibly the most beautiful road car that has ever been produced.

London Tube Map 1933 – by Harry Beck
This iconic graphic brings clarity and calm to the otherwise chaotic city of London and remains essentially unchanged 70 years on. The tube-travelling visitors and locals took to it straightaway and its influence can be seen on most other city railways around the world.

Chrysler Building – by William Van Alen
The Chrysler Building is a New York design treasure that proudly parades its Art Deco heritage and must be considered one of America’s finest buildings. Originally created as a status symbol for car manufacturer Walter P. Chrysler, this beautiful structure was also the tallest building in the world for a short time. The Art Deco interior is even more lavish and magnificent than its exterior and a visit to this wonderful building will make any day feel better.

The Supermarine Spitfire – by R.J. Mitchell & Joseph Smith
Few designs can convey such historical significance and the Spitfire’s status as a Great British Icon will never diminish. R.J. Mitchell’s success in designing for the Schneider Trophy air races was transferred into creating this innovative fighter aircraft which earned its reputation in the Battle of Britain.

Toy Story – by Pixar
Pixar Animation ushered in a new era of cinema with this classic computer animated movie. The key to any good film is of course, the writing and in this film is no exception. The entire world of this movie has been created in the computer and the Pixar team played to the strengths of the medium for this film, focussing on the more geometric forms of the toys and it works to perfection. Any movie that can still raise a smile from a tired parent after more than a dozen viewings deserves to be considered a great design.

Louis Poulsen PH5 light – by Poul Henningsen
Poul Henningsen conducted pioneering work concerning the relations between light structures, shadows, glare, and colour reproduction in the early part of the 20th century. These lighting theories still form the bedrock of the work practiced by Louis Poulsen Lighting today. The PH5 light design is an inspirational design that scientifically provides a well lit, yet glare-free lighting experience. The light also gently bathes the room in warm and flattering lighting tones that are least sensitive to the eye. This beautiful lighting design icon is still in production today and long may it continue.

Alessi Bird kettle – by Michael Graves
The Alessi Bird Kettle didn’t become the number one seller in Alessi’s history without good reason.
Michael Graves was asked to design a stove kettle that would appeal to the American market and what he created went onto become a cultural icon of the 1980’s. This striking design is instantly recognisable and was instilled with a light hearted sense of occasion and design panache and that was a world away from any of its utilitarian contemporaries.
Ant chair – by Arne Jacobsen
The influence of this elegant design has been substantial and for good reason, it is a timeless classic. This chair is extremely comfortable, supportive and pleasingly sculptural. The innovative formed plywood shell and strong but slender steel legs resulted in a chair that is light, stable, durable, easy to lift and stack and a pleasure to own.

Apple iPhone
Possibly the most impressive consumer product of the last decade and one that would have seemed unfeasible only a short time ago. As Apple has evolved their i-pod concept into a multimedia device that can adapt to the unique needs of each user they have created a design that left the competition reeling in their wake. Gorgeous looks, exceptional build quality and functionality that is still leaps and bounds ahead of the competition assure this concept to be a great modern design.

How Does Employee Engagement Contribute to Business Achievement?

Technology the Internet business and network concept. A young businessman overcomes an obstacle to success: Employee engagement
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Job satisfaction is an important part of receiving the morale, motivation, and performance required to complete company objectives. Numerous factors affect how an individual feels about their current position or an organization. A large portion of workers today are highly disengaged, meaning they do the bare minimum to get by in their held role.

Administrative personnel see employee engagement as a process designed to encourage workers to increase performance for improving company success. Staff views revolve more around the emotional state regarding management control, organizational surroundings, and growth possibilities. Both views contribute to employee level of commitment, and generate a higher desire to succeed.

The concept removes the traditional barriers of control to create a higher level of innovation. It eradicates the typical pitfalls of a commanding executive staff that defines what should be done, how it must be accomplished, and expected attitudes. Executive consulting can be used to create a more positive environment where administrators direct employees toward their own success while nurturing the objectives of a company.

Executive ConsultingAssists with the Generation of Positivity

The concept is not easy to grasp since organizations tend to stick with the traditional chains of command; however, executive consulting can be applied to create the perfect environment for improvement. Engagement practices enhance the skill value of individuals, reduce supervision costs, and provide a better human capita return. An organization can begin by measuring the current emotional attachment of personnel in three important areas: company, position, and co-workers. This data can be assessed by having staff members fill out surveys based on set employee engagement drivers and evaluating organizational practices. A professional can help in developing an action plan for facilitating desired behaviors once causes have been identified. Training, team building, and additional tactics are important to an engagement plan; however, many businesses forget about raising levels during the average work day. Executive consulting is a helpful tool in determining the best approaches toward boosting positive feelings among company personnel.

Various approaches can be taken to produce positive feelings while the staff is grinding away at their latest tasks. These specific implementations can do wonders for any company struggling with disengaged employees:

Greater Flexibility

Creating Personal Accountability

Eliminating Obstacles

Boosting Communication

Providing More Feedback

Flexibility in task arrangement provides a sense of personal control where the outcome becomes more important than the process being completed. A set order that makes completion take longer or is less productive lowers engagement levels. While complete freedom is probably not the best approach, a little give allows each individual to perform their tasks in the most productive manner possible.

Small changes such as the elimination of one review process can generate personal accountability where the employee feels recognized for their hard work. Obstacles preventing staff members from being productive should be removed to raise efficiency. Better communication keeps everyone well informed about business objectives and more feedback encourages individuals to continue putting out their maximum effort. Employee engagement is important to every sized business and professional assistance could be just what is needed to get everyone on the best path for enhanced positivity.

Video Production Business Tips – Reasons NOT to Upgrade Video Production Gear

We can all find reasons to upgrade our video production equipment and software. Industry magazines tell us we should and equipment/software manufacturers advocate we do so we’ll have access to the new features available in the upgrade. There are thousands of people in production forums throughout the world who believe that staying up to date with current upgrades and technology is crucial to being competitive in the video production industry.

To an extent, they are correct. But what people don’t share with you are some of the reasons why you should not upgrade your equipment and software. Or at least not at the speed in which the industry says we should.
The underlying theme here is that upgrading your gear takes money out of your pocket which impacts the overall cash flow of your video production business. If you choose to finance upgrades with debt (loans, credit cards, etc.), then you are also impacting your cash flow because you will add payments to your monthly expenses. I know that upgrading is a necessary component of running a video production business. However, you should think hard about the following reasons NOT to upgrade before you spend the money.

  1. If you haven’t mastered the video production equipment and software you have now, you shouldn’t upgrade.
    When you start to get the itch for something new, take out the manual and start reading. You’ll be surprised at all the things you didn’t know about the equipment/software and this will re-energize you. Until you can push your gear to its absolute boundary every time you use it, save your money.
  2. Rarely will an upgrade result in more profit for your video production business.
    Think about it. Did the last piece of gear you purchased improve your bottom line? It probably didn’t. My employees are constantly advocating that I purchase new cameras or software. I respond by telling them that if they can justify on paper how the new gear will result in additional profits for the company, I’ll consider it. Needless to say, most of the new gear doesn’t get purchased.
  3. When you finally pay off your car, you want to do your best to drive it as long as you can.
    Not having to make payments is a wonderful thing. The same goes for equipment and software in your video business. If you have a camera that is paid for and is still generating revenue for you, think hard before buying another camera. Making money with gear/software that isn’t costing you money substantially increases your profit margins. A couple hundred dollars every quarter or year in maintenance will help that piece of gear be a profit maker for as long as 3 to 5 years, depending on what it is of course.
  4. If you had a choice to invest $5,000 into equipment for your video business or invest $5,000 into something that will improve the quality of life for your family, which one would you choose?
    If you chose the equipment, you have your priorities all screwed up. If you chose your family, your head is on straight. In my situation, $5,000 will cover several mortgage payments on my house and on my rental properties if/when they are vacant. Instead of sinking the extra cash into a business asset, I use that cash to build personal assets which will directly benefit my family.
  5. Upgrades take time away from your revenue generating activities.
    If sales are down, upgrades won’t improve that. You have to improve that. If you are in the middle of several projects, upgrades won’t help the situation. They will simply slow you down which will cause you to be less profitable. Purchasing new equipment won’t make a prospect want to do business with you. The quality of your work and reputation is what gets the phone to ring. Ninety-nine percent of the time, your clients won’t give a flip about what kind of cameras or software you use. They’ll only be interested in the formats you can provide them after the project is complete.
    Obviously, you can’t run a video production company without upgrading your equipment and software when absolutely necessary. I just hope that this article has given you a reason to only upgrade when you are 100% sure you can no longer squeeze a reasonable profit margin out of the gear you have now. Training yourself to hold off on spending large sums of money for as long as possible will help to increase the financial strength of your video business as well as improve your skills as an entrepreneur. Both of which will accelerate your success!